Gin Emporium

Here at The Royal Oak York we are delighted to be able to present to you our fantastic Gin Emporium.

Our wide range of small batch and craft gins, from distillers across the globe, are perfectly served over ice in a Copa glass. Specially garnished to enhance botanicals and taste, all of our gins are served with our expanding range of Fever Tree tonics, meaning that there is something here for every palate.


Martin Miller’s –  Birmingham

If you’re worried about your carbon foot print this isn’t the gin for you as Martin Miller’s Gin starts life at Langley’s Distillery near Birmingham, before setting off on a 3,000 mile round trip to Iceland and back. The reason being to use only the purest water.









Slingsby Rhubarb Gin – Harrogate – Rhubarb

A limited edition rhubarb flavoured gin from here in Yorkshire made with locally sourced botanicals and Harrogate aquifer water. A perfect tipple for a warm summers day.


Caorunn – Scotland – apple

Caorunn is a modern London Dry Gin with a dry crisp aromatic taste. Full bodied and clean which is slightly drying on the back of the throat.

 Silent Pool

Silent Pool has 24 botanicals carefully chosen for their uniqueness. All the botanicals work together in unison to afford a romantic, complex flavour. Fresh floral and clarifying citrus notes are grounded by earthy and spicy cassia bark and cubeb.  The smooth finish is achieved with the help of local honey. Refreshingly individual, intricately realised gin in 43% ABV. Recommended serve is with a generous handful of ice, a dash of tonic, and a twist of orange peel to garnish.

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Gin Mare

An unusual, savoury but balanced gin, Gin Mare is made in a former monks retreat just outside Barcelona.  Comprising of botanicals such as rosemary, thyme, olive and basil., Gin Mare is definitely manna from heaven!


Saffron Gin – France

Hand crafted and produced in a traditional pot still in small batches, Saffron Gin is made from nine fresh botanicals that include juniper, coriander, lemon, orange peel, angelica seeds, iris, fennel and saffron. Why not try this spicy gin with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic water?



Tanqueray Rangpur – London

One of the latest additions to our Gin Emporium; Tanqueray Rangpur is a beautifully crafted smooth gin that takes its name from a particularly juicy and zesty type of lime. Tanq Rangpur is an ideal drink for a warm Spring day.



Hendricks – Scotland

A good starting point on the gin journey for those people who ‘don’t like gin.’ Quirky producer Hendricks make their pot-still distilled gin using cucumber as one of the primary botanicals. This makes for a unique, tasty and incredibly refreshing gin.


Monkey 47 – Germany

Unusual gin from the black forest of Germany.  Boasting 47 different botanicals. This is a robust and powerful gin with plenty of spice, fruit and herb flavours. Why not try complimenting Monkey 47 with Angostura bark tonic?


Tanqueray –  London

Tanqueray epitomises the London Dry style, it comes as no surprise that it provides a crisp, dry taste. A titan that survived prohibition to make it to this menu.


Portobello Road – London

A tip of the hat to the gins and distillers of yesteryear. Old-style London Dry Gin, containing traditional botanicals and spices with a generous dose of juniper.


The Botanist – Islay

22 of the 31 botanicals are native to Islay, including wild Islay Juniper, giving us a real taste of the island that’s not a whiskey. Why not try Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic with your Botanist?


Whitley Neill –  England

A London dry gin made with African botanicals including extracts from the Baobab Tree (known as the Tree of Life) and Physalis fruit. Whitley Neill is made in a 100 year-old copper pot still. This is a gin crafted in England, but very much inspired by Africa.


Star of Bombay –  England

Star of Bombay London Dry Gin features botanicals that’ll be familiar to those who love Bombay Sapphire, with a reassembled flavour profile.


Brockman’s –  England

Delicious gin from Brockman’s. This is made with Bulgarian coriander, blueberries and blackberries as well as bittersweet Valencia orange peel. The result is well balanced and full of flavour. A favourite among staff and customers.



Victoria Rhubarb Gin – England

A very regal gin, which uses a variety of rhubarb originally grown in Queen Victoria’s garden, hence the name. A spirit with plenty of sweetness and some subtle, enjoyable sour notes emanate from the rhubarb. Looking for something different? This one’s for you.


Opihr – England

A London Dry Gin made with botanicals from along the traditional spice route that led back to the UK. Indonesian Cubeb berries, Indian black pepper and Morrocan coriander are all used in this gin.


Bloom – England

Bloom gin is a superb London Dry Gin produced by Grenall’s and named “Bloom” in reference to the floral nature of its botanicals: honeysuckle, pomelo and chamomile. Light and refreshing perfect to enjoy with a meal on a summers day.


Williams Gin – England

This dry, juniper led gin has been designed for the much loved G’n’T. Chase distil their Naked vodka from cider made from organically grown apples, they then distil their gin from the vodka. The result is a delicious gin with notes of spice and citrus fruit.



Adnams Copper House –  England

This cracking gin is distilled in a beer stripping column, before being put through a handmade copper pot. It is the purified in a rectifier, all very scientific but the result is a very full and rich gin which is infused with six botanicals including juniper, sweet orange and hibiscus flowers.



The water used to create this delicious gin comes from the Southern Alps of New Zealand, meaning this is a gin 80 million years in the making. Garnished with an orange slice, Scapegrace is crafted in small batches in a 19th Century copper still. The name Scapegrace is Kiwi slang for mischievous child or rascal – which after a few may well be you!!!